Important security update regarding online giving to the Lumen Christi Institute

Due to regular developments in industry standard security features, ensuring that your computer or mobile device's operating system (OS) and internet browser are fully up-to-date is the best way to protect your donation and guarantee that it is processed safely.

On March 15, Lumen Christi's online donation platform will be transitioning to reliance upon an updated Transport Layer Security (TLS) system that is better equipped to secure your online giving.
This new version of TLS will not be compatible with some older operating systems and internet browsers.
Therefore, please take a moment to check whether your current OS and browser are compatible with the new version of TLS that Lumen Christi will begin using on March 15.
To learn what OS or internet browser your computer or mobile device currently uses and to update to a newer version, you can simply Google the appropriate question, or else contact your OS and browser service personnel.
Beginning March 15, if you do not have a TLS-compatible OS and browser, you will not be able to make online interactions with the Lumen Christi Institute until you update your OS and browser.
This transition to the new version of TLS is an industry-wide requirement to ensure the highest level of security when processing all financial transactions.
If you would like to make a donation over the phone, please call Lumen Christi at 773-955-5887. Please contact Michael Bradley at with any questions.