Master Class: "Adventures of a Primary Care Theologian" with Fr. Roch Kereszty

Oct 15, 2022
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Fr. Roch Kereszty, O. Cist.Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey

Open to current students and faculty. Others interested in participating should contact Registrants will receive copies of the prepared reading.

An Online Master Class with Fr. Roch Kereszty, O. Cist

For over 40 years, Fr. Roch Kereszty has taught and published in nearly every area of theology—Christology, ecclesiology, and interreligious dialogue to name a few. During this master class, Fr. Kereszty will discuss selected texts from his own work and discuss his life and vocation: a clandestine novice in Communist Hungary, a student during the years of the Second Vatican Council, long-time professor at the University of Dallas and form master at Cistercian Preparatory School in Irving. This master class reflects on the work of one theologian, inviting students and faculty to do the same. 

Fr. Roch Kereszty was born in Hungary in 1933 and he entered the Cistercian Order in 1951 at the Monastery of Zirc.  On September 18, 1960 he made his solemn profession in Lilienfeld, Austria and was ordained to the priesthood on October 2, 1960 in the private chapel of the Bishop of Sankt Pölten, Austria.  Before retiring from the school in 2013, he taught courses in theology, including Christianity and World Religions, Christian Marriage and Priesthood. At the University of Dallas he taught Christology, Ecclesiology, and Sacraments until 2019. He is the author of numerous books and articles, most recently The Church of God in Jesus Christ: A Catholic Ecclesiology (CUA Press) and Rekindle the Gift of God: A New Handbook for Priests (Ignatius Press).