A School for the Lord’s Service: A Meditation on the Rule of St. Benedict

Jul 25, 2021
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Fr. Peter VerhalenOur Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey

Free and open to the public. This event was held online through Zoom and live-streamed to YouTube. This event is part of a summer webinar series on Monastic Wisdom. 

Written for monks living in Italy almost 1600 years ago, The Rule of St. Benedict is remarkable for its wisdom, its discretion, and its clarity. St. Benedict draws on Scripture and the theological tradition that preceded him to craft a text that combines both detailed prescriptions for daily life in a monastery and the principles of a spiritual theology. All these prescriptions and theological principles he sees as foundation of a School for the Lord’s Service. In this webinar we will look at several elements of that “school” that guide any Christian to “run along the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing wit the inexpressible delight of love” (Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue 49).


Wisdom from the Heart of the Cistercian Tradition

Join us once per month, June through September, for four Sunday evening sessions featuring monks from Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey who will lead us through a series of reflections examining the contours of the monastic intellectual tradition. At the foundations of the Cistercian order is the reform movement of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. In faithfulness to their founder, these webinars invite participants to see how the monastic approach to Scripture, theology, and the common life might reform our own understanding and endeavors in the labors of daily Christianity. 

This series is co-presented with Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey, and co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Forum, the Nova Forum, the Saint Benedict Institute, and Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture at the University of Dallas.

Upcoming sessions:

August 22, 7:30 PM CT:

The Monastics before the Scholastics: An Introduction to Medieval Monastic Theology
Fr. John Bayer, O. Cist.


September 26, 7:30 PM CT:

The Christological Structure of Spiritual Growth In the Thought of St. Bernard
Fr. Roch Kereszty, O. Cist.




Abbot Peter Verhalen was born in Midland, Texas. He made his solemn profession as a monk at Our Lady of Dallas in 1980. He was first elected abbot of Our Lady of Dallas on February 15, 2012 and is an accomplished Latinist.