Themes in Catholic Social Thought: Three Necessary Societies

Mar 26, 2021
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Open to current graduate students. This master class will take place online on Zoom. Copies of the readings will be provided. Others interested in participating should contact us.

The modern social magisterium, which emerged during the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903), held that the dignity of human society exemplified in three necessary societies.  By nature or grace, human beings are domestic (marriage-family), political, and ecclesial animals.  Each has an origin in some kind of necessity, but the necessities are paths to human excellence and happiness.  In the first master class we will consider the political and documentary history of the teachings on the origin and interrelation of these societies.  In the second master class we will look carefully at the deeper ontology of social order.


Join us on April 23 for a follow-up master class to this topic on "Society as Sacrament."