Laudato Si at 5-years: Towards an Ecology of Culture

Jan 11, 2021
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How do we develop a culture marked by an ethic of ecological awareness? In Laudato Si, Pope Francis called for an ecological conversion to just such a culture. The ecological conversion he envisions entails more than just tinkering with technology or the economy; rather, we must reshape our sense of culture and society. Pope Francis has asked that this year be dedicated to a reflection on the continuing importance of Laudato Si.

How does an ecologically aware ethic change the ways we live together, create art, and encounter nature? What kind of culture should we be developing to live out an ecological conversion?  How can art, design, and urban planning contribute to an ecology of conversion? How can we change our own lifestyles to develop an ethic of ecological awareness? How can a non-consumerist approach to the good life help save our planet? How can religion in conversation with the secular world help advance such a change in culture.

Presented by the Collegium Institute and the Pontifical Council for Culture. Csponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute.