WEBINAR: Answering Your Atheist Philosophy Professor

Apr 16, 2020
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Austin WalkerLumen Christi Institute

Madison ChastainLumen Christi Institute

Presented by the Lumen Christi Institute‚Äôs Newman Forum. Open to current high school students. This event was made possible by a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

You have two sections to choose from:
(The previously listed 11:00-12:00 session has been combined with this later session.)

Could God make something that He couldn't move? If God is perfect, why are humanity and the world so imperfect? 

In March of 2019, a San Diego State University professor of philosophy submitted an Opinion piece to the New York Times in which he claimed that God is an incoherent concept. The above are just some of the questions you will undoubtedly hear when you go off to college and encounter passionate, athiest philosophy professors like him for the first time. In fact, you might hear these questions already from peers or family members! What do we do about these arguments that seem so insurmountable?

The way to counter these arguments is much easier than you think. During this hour-long webinar, we will read together the NYT article and discover how, just using our own common sense and the powers of close reading, what seem to be complex, undeniable proofs for the absurdity of God's existence are actually easily toppled through the logic they themselves utilize. 

You won't need a Bible, you won't need a philosophy textbook, you won't need a college degree: You'll just need the mind you already have.

How does that sound? Want to be able to outsmart a college philosophy professor with your own high school brain?


There is no charge for the seminar, but a good-will donation of $10 is encouraged.
You can read the NYT article ahead of time here:
(Teachers and Youth Ministers may sit in, if interested. Please register as "Other," and log in to the provided Zoom link 15 minutes prior to your session's start time to ensure you are properly muted.)


Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Austin Walker is Assistant Director of the Lumen Christi Institute where he directs LCI's Newman Forum and West Suburban Series on Catholic Culture, in addition to serving as the instructor for LCI's Executive Great Books series. He is also an instructor at the University of Chicago's Graham School Basic Program of Liberal Education. He is completing a Ph.D. on John Henry Newman's political philosophy at the University of Chicago's prestigious Committee on Social Thought, and holds M.A.'s from the University of Chicago and the University of Mississippi.  He received a B.A. with highest honors in Classical Languages from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  From 2007 to 2011, he taught in the Mississippi Delta for the Mississippi Teacher Corps, where he received the Andrew P. Mullins Jr. Award in 2009. 

Madison Chastain is Program Coordinator of the Newman Forum, the Lumen Christi Institute's programming for high school students. Madison received a BA from Saint Mary's College of California, where she studied English as well as Theology and Religious Studies. After spending a year teaching religion to middle schoolers in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Lasallian Volunteer, Madison came to the University of Chicago where she received her MA from the Divinity School. Her research and writing focuses on Catholic disability theology and medical ethics.