Non-Credit Course on Modern Science and Christian Faith

Nov 26, 2019
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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6:00 Dinner | 6:30 Lecture

This weekly non-credit course is open to current students and faculty. Registrants are free to attend as many sessions as they choose. Sessions do not presuppose previous attendance or prior knowledge of the subject. This program is made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and The Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

People of faith have been deeply involved in the pursuit of science throughout the history of the discipline, from pioneering advances like the Big Bang and the building blocks of modern genetics, to the everyday, incremental toil of research. Yet, it is a commonly held belief that there has long been an irreconcilable conflict between science and faith. From where does this proposed conflict emerge? How can faith complement one’s approach towards, and interpretation of, science? How can science complement one’s understanding of the Christian faith? How does one respond to ever new challenges raised by modern science and technology? Through this Autumn non-credit course, visiting Scientists and Theologians will explore some of these questions from within their particular disciplines.


Oct. 8: “Science & Faith: Clash or Harmony?
Stephen Barr (University of Delaware)

Oct 15: “Science & Faith: Understanding and Correcting Models of Conflict”
Chris Baglow (McGrath Institute, University of Notre Dame)

Oct 22: "The Evolving Universe"
Dan Fabrycky (University of Chicago)

Oct 29: “How to Engage Mystery: Advice from a Scientist for Nones, Nuns, and All”
Fr. John Kartje  (University of Saint Mary of the Lake)

Nov 5: “Materialistic Reductionism and Science”
Stephen Barr (University of Delaware)

Nov 12: “Disease and the Problem of Evil”
Stephen Meredith (University of Chicago)

Nov 19: “Biological Evolution and Christian Faith”
Peter Tierney (Lumen Christ Institute)

Nov 26: “Fate in Science and Religion”
James Donovan (North Central College)