Waiting for Jesus in Havana

Oct 23, 2019
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Carlos EireYale University

The family is traditionally held to be the first church. Yet, the Latino Catholic home bears diverse local religious and cultural influences. How does one better understand the tapestry of one’s own religious experience and its relation to the Catholic tradition?

Join us in this workshop as Carlos Eire, historian and expert in popular piety, draws from his memoirs “Waiting for Snow in Havana” and “Learning to Die in Miami” to discuss the diversity of religious strands that made up his own Cuban household and analyze the challenges and opportunities it presents to the Hispanic Catholic experience. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the local peculiarities of Catholic culture, as well as of the perilous task of wrestling with one’s own religious beliefs while writing for a broad reading public.

Cosponsored by Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. This event is made possible in part by a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

Carlos Eire is the T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History & Religious Studies at Yale University. He holds a PhD from Yale University, specializing in the social, intellectual, religious, and cultural history of late medieval and early modern Europe, with a strong focus on both the Protestant and Catholic Reformations; the history of popular piety; and the history of the supernatural, and the history of death. He is the author many books, including War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship From Erasmus to CalvinFrom Madrid to Purgatory: The Art and Craft of Dying in Sixteenth Century Spain; and A Very Brief History of Eternity. Prof. Eire also wrote the National Book Award-winning memoir Waiting for Snow in Havana (2004) about his exile from his native Cuba.