Master Class on Romano Guardini's "The End of the Modern World"

Apr 6, 2019
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Open to current students and faculty. Copies of the book will be provided for registrants.

Romano Guardini (1885-1968)—Italian-born German priest—was one of the greatest Catholic minds of the 20th century. He helped shape Catholic theology between the two world wars and after, as well as the thinking of many non-Catholics of the period. He contributed to the Liturgical Movement and influenced the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. His legacy continues to be felt through Pope Benedict, who studied with him, and Pope Francis, who researched Guardini's work as part of his graduate study. In the classic work The End of the Modern World Guardini presents a historical, philosophical, and theological inquiry into the nature of the modern age.

Background on Fr. Romano Guardini's importance can be found HERE.


9:30am   Coffee & Pastries
10:00am   Session I
11:25am   Break
11:35am   Session II
1:00pm   End, Optional Lunch