The Gospel According to Matthew

Nov 14, 2017
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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6:00pm Buffet Dinner  |  6:30pm Lecture

Registration required. Open to current students and faculty.

St. Matthew's Gospel brings us into powerful contact with Israel's longed-for Messiah and permits us to hear the voice of Jesus of Nazareth with memorable vividness. Foregrounding the Israelite language of expectation, the narrative views Jesus as Son of Man, Son of David, and Son of God, reminding us of Israel's messianic hopes and showing us how these hopes are, in Jesus, both brought to fulfillment and surpassed. The course will focus on what might be called the spirituality of the evangelist, by means of a close reading of selected passages along with brief exegetical commentary and a general discussion.

No prior familiarity with the texts is presumed. No class presumes attendance at any other and students are welcome to attend any or all.


October 3.  A Face as a Man -- Chapters 1-3

October 10.  Salt & Light -- Chapters 4-5

October 17.  Old Love & New Law -- Chapters 6-7

October 24.  The Kingdom Here and to Come -- Chapters 8-17

October 31.   Means and Ends -- Chapters 18-25

November 7.    Betrayal -- Chapters 26-27

November 14.    Victory  -- Chapter 28