Master Class on "Athanasius and the Struggle for Orthodoxy"

Apr 17, 2015
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Reverend Brian Daley, SJUniversity of Notre Dame


Brian Daley, S.J. (University of Notre Dame)


This master class seminar will cover the theological and doctrinal issues surrounding the First Council of Nicaea, focusing on the Arian controversy over the nature of Christ in relation to the Father. Participants will read and discuss primary texts from the early Nicene controversy with one of the world’s leading scholars of the Patristic period.


The Controversy over Arius of Alexandria: Letters by Arius, Alexander of Alexandria, and Eusebius of Ceasaraea:

  • Rusch, William G. (ed.), The Trinitarian Controversy (Fortress, 1980) pp. 29-44.
  • Hardy, Edward R. (ed.), Christology of the Later Fathers (Westminster, 1954) pp. 329-340.

From Athanasius of Alexandria:

  • Oration Against the Arians, chs. I-X, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers; Second Series (Hendrickson, 1994) vol. 4, pp. 303-326.
  • On the Decrees of NiceaNicene and Post-Nicene Fathers; Second Series (Hendrickson, 1994) vol. 4, pp. 149-172.

Secondary Reading:

  • Anatolios, Khaled, Retrieving Nicaea (Baker, 2011) pp. 15-31; 99-133.

This master class is open to all graduate and undergraduate students, including non-University of Chicago students. Copies of the readings will be provided. Space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Franzen.

Father Brian Daley, SJ, is the Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He received B.A. degrees from Fordham University and the University of Oxford, where he completed an M.A. in 1967 and a DPhil in 1978. In 2012 he was awarded the Ratzinger Prize in Theology, which has been nicknamed the “Nobel Prize in Theology.” Father Daley is an internationally renowned scholar of the Fathers of the Church. His most recent books are The Hope of the Early Church and On The Dormition of Mary: Early Patristic Homilies.