David Dancing Before the Ark: The Liturgical Theology Implicit in 2 Samuel 6

May 8, 2014
University of Chicago
5801 S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
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Fr. Robert Barron
(Rector of Mundelein Seminary/University of Saint Mary of the Lake;
founder of Word on Fire)

David danced before the Ark as an image of humanity dancing with the Lord, recovering the effortless harmony of Eden. In this lecture, Robert Barron will explore the role of King David as a new Adam and cite the solemn protection God extends to the Ark of the Covenant as an example of the importance of proper worship. Throughout the Scriptures, God attempts to “Eden-ize” man — that is, to return him to harmony with Himself, his fellow men and women, and nature — by teaching him “right praise,” culminating in the Lamb’s Supper as foretold in the Book of Revelation.