"Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil"

Apr 11, 2012
Swift Hall, 3rd Floor Lecture
1025 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Brian DaviesFordham University

Denys TurnerYale University

Michael KremerUniversity of Chicago


Many people find that they cannot reconcile belief in the existence of God with the reality of evil; for if an all powerful and perfectly good God exists, then why is there so much suffering and injustice? Brian Davies, in his most recent book, Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil, argues that Aquinas gives us the proper theoretical framework for dealing with these tensions.

Brian Davies is Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University. Having received his PhD from King's College, London, he spent over a decade as a lecturer at the University of Oxford before assuming his current position. He is author of An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion,Thinking About God, and Thomas Aquinas on Good and Evil.

Denys Turner is the Horace Tracy Pitkin Professor of Historical Theology emeritus at Yale University. He is the author of Dante the Theologian, Marxism and ChristianityEros and Allegory, and The Darkness of God, as well as many articles and papers on political and social theory in relation to Christian theology, and on medieval thought, especially the traditions of mystical theology.

Michael Kremer is the Mary R. Morton Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He has published numerous articles on logic, philosophy of language, and early analytic philosophy. His current research projects include work on the 19th-century mathematician and philosopher Gottlob Frege, and on the early 20th-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.