“The Identity of Knower and Known in Aquinas”

Nov 15, 2011
Swift Hall, Common Room
1025 E 58th St,
Chicago, IL 60637
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John O'CallaghanUniversity of Notre Dame


Lecture Abstract:
The claim that knowledge involves an identity of knower and known has its historical roots among the Greeks. This lecture explores this claim as one finds it in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Professor O’Callaghan will explore these issues in critical dialogue with two different papers, one by Wilfrid Sellars titled “Being and Being Known” and the other by John McDowell titled “Sellars’s Thomism.”

John O'Callaghan is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and director of the Jacques Maritain Center. His books include Thomistic Realism and The Linguistic Turn: Toward a More Perfect Form of Existence and Proceedings of the 4th Annual Summer Thomistic Institute, forthcoming.