“The Importance of Elizabeth Anscombe”

May 10, 2011
Classics 110
1010 E 59th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Anselm MullerLumen Christi Institute

Co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy

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“The Importance of Elizabeth Anscombe,” Anselm Mueller (part 1)
“The Importance of Elizabeth Anscombe,” Anselm Mueller (part 2)
“The Importance of Elizabeth Anscombe,” Anselm Mueller (part 3)


Elizabeth Anscombe has become known as a pupil and literary executor of Wittgenstein, but also as a defender of conservative views on questions of morality. A. W. Müeller will suggest that she has contributed to current intellectual life in three ways: 1) by initiating a philosophy of action that helps us to argue responsibly about moral questions; 2) by stressing the importance of seeking truth in matters of basic orientation; 3) by showing that Christian beliefs do not need to shun the standards of intellectual respectability.

A student of Elizabeth Anscombe and Anthony Kenny at Oxford in the early sixties, Anselm Muller has taught philosophy at Oxford University, Australian National University, University of Trier, University of Luxemborg, and Keimyung University. He has written many books and articles in the areas of ethics, rationality, action theory, philosophy of mind, and the history of philosophy (especially Aristotle and Wittgenstein). Muller holds the title of Visiting Professor in the Department of Philosophy this Spring quarter.