“Knowledge, Metaphysics, and the Information Explosion”

Jan 28, 2011
Swift Hall, Common Room
1025 E 58th St,
Chicago, IL 60637
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Herman SinaikoUniversity of Chicago


Benedict Ashley, OP (Aquinas Institute of Theology, Emeritus)
Herman Sinaiko (University of Chicago, Emeritus)

To some, in the information age, we seem to know more things, to communicate more effectively, and to better interrelate scientific disciplines. To others, however this  'information explosion’ has produced a miscommunication, a superficial acquaintance with trivial facts, and fragmentation of once-related disciplines. In light of this, Benedict Ashley and Herman Sinaiko will consider whether an Aristotelian ‘synthesis’ of the sciences might offer a means of integrating human knowledge.

Herman Sinaiko (1929 - 2011) taught in the College of the University of Chicago for 57 years and also served as Dean of Students from 1982 to 1986.