Alberti and Renaissance Architecture

Jun 23, 2020
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An evening webinar with Professor of Architecture Il Kim (Auburn University). Part of our summer webinar series on "Reason and Beauty in Renaissance Christian Thought and Culture," presented in collaboration with the American Cusanus Society

Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) was a humanist and polymath.  His On Painting (1435/36) and On Architecture (1440s-1472) theorized the arts of painting and architecture, elevating them to the level of the Liberal Arts.  The legacy of these works cast a long shadow in the Renaissance.  In this webinar, Professor Kim will discuss Alberti's architectural theory and practice as an all-encompassing pursuit of artistry in Italian Renaissance.

2020 Summer Webinar Series on "Reason and Beauty in Renaissance Christian Thought and Culture"

What do reason and beauty have to do with each other? Since the modern Enlightenment and Romantic movements, it has been tempting to see reason and beauty as separate or even opposed. In the Renaissance, however, rational and artistic pursuits bloomed together and even fed each other. Renaissance culture, including fine art, poetry, architecture, astronomy, and humanistic thought, both drew upon and extended ancient and medieval Christian intellectual traditions. This webinar course will examine different aspects of renaissance Christian thought and culture to explore how pursuits of reason interwove with the love of beauty.

This event is cosponsored by Calvert House, the Beatrice Institute, the Genealogies of Modernity Project, the Harvard Catholic Center, the Nova Forum for Catholic Thought, and St. Paul's Catholic Center.