Tracing our Shared Deep History: Evolutionary Anthropology and Theo-Drama

Feb 23, 2017
Social Sciences, Room 122
1126 E 59th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Celia Deane-DrummondUniversity of Notre Dame


Cosponsored by the Theology and Religious Ethics Workshop

While theology and biological science often seem to be at odds, there are productive ways of telling the Christian story of who we are as human beings which resonate with newer evolutionary theories. This lecture will argue that the most convincing theological approach is theo-drama, where insights from the dramatic stage inform our theological reflections in relation to the drama of evolution. Such exchanges can be highly creative for theology and anthropology; neither party in the dialogue is reduced to the other, and both are enriched in new and interesting ways.

Celia Deane-Drummond is currently full Professor in Theology at the University of Notre Dame and Director of the Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing ratified in 2015. She holds a masters degree in natural science, a doctorate in plant physiology (Reading), an honors degree in theology, and a second doctorate in systematic theology (Manchester). Her research interests are in the engagement of theology and natural science, including specifically evolution, ecology, animal behavior, and anthropology. She is the author of numerous books, edited collections, chapters, and articles, including The Wisdom of the Liminal: Evolution and Other Animals in Human Becoming (T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, 2014); Christ and Evolution: Wonder and Wisdom (SCM Press, 2009); Genetics and Christian Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2006); and The Ethics of Nature (Blackwells, 2004).