The Church Fathers: The Shaping of Christian Orthodoxy, Non-Credit Course

Jan 18, 2012Feb 29, 2012
Gavin House
1220 E 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Lecture, 7:00pm
Informal Dinner, 6:30pm

Intended for University students, faculty, and recent graduates. Others interested in attending, contact

January 19
Athanasius of Alexandria: Theologian of the Incarnation”
Aaron Canty (St. Xavier University)

January 26 
Jerome in Bethlehem
Robin Darling Young (University of Notre Dame)

February 2, 7:15pm
Social Sciences 122
The Grand Design: An Augustinian Reply to Stephen Hawking
John Cavadini (University of Notre Dame)

February 9
Origen: Christian Faith and Greek Wisdom
Andrew Radde-Gallwitz (Loyola University Chicago)

February 16
St. Augustine on Love
Jean-Luc Marion (University of Chicago, University Paris-Sorbonne)
Registration closed. The event has reached seating capacity.

February 23
Swift Hall, Third Floor Lecture Hall
“St. Benedict’s Teaching for Dark Ages, His and Ours”
Russell Hittinger (University of Tulsa)

March 1
Evagrius of Pontus: Master of Spiritual Psychology
Fr. Peter Funk (Monastery of the Holy Cross)