The Catholic Criminal Justice Reform Network

The Catholic Criminal Justice Reform Network (CCJRN) is a Lumen Christi initiative that connects legal scholars, attorneys, judges, clergy, law enforcement, and others who are committed to seeing reform in the American criminal justice system that is inspired by Catholic thought.

Motivated in particular by the principles of Catholic social teaching, the CCJRN hosts regular events and gatherings of its members for the purpose of collaboration, dialogue, and seeking solutions that transcend the partisan divide and recognize the inviolable dignity of the human person. 

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The Criminal Justice Crisis in America



  • Whereas scholars lack access to judges, lawmakers and other practitioners with the power to effect change, system-involved persons frequently have access to neither practitioners nor scholars, such that their lived experience informs neither theory nor practice. Such barriers to encounter reify social injustice and impede personal and systemic transformation.

  • Despite the large number of Catholic participants in the criminal justice system, there is not yet a forum for Catholics to gather for discussion, debate, and collaboration on criminal justice reform from a distinctively Catholic perspective – specifically, a perspective informed by Catholic social teaching and its emphasis on the inviolable dignity of the human person.

  • Discussion and debate on these issues in the wider culture often focus on technocratic solutions or partisan ideology—which all too often result in increased fragmentation and ineffectiveness—whereas dialogical engagement with fundamental religious and moral commitments has the potential to generate broad-based coalitions ordered to the common good.



  • The transformation of our punitive and harsh criminal justice system through dialogue and change of perspective.

  • Act as an incubator where distinctively Catholic thought about criminal justice is developed and from which it will spread into the wider culture.

  • Encourage improvements in curricular treatments of criminal justice in American law schools, including Catholic-affiliated schools, as a means of fostering criminal justice reform.

  • Energize and inform the American Roman Catholic Church’s engagement with Criminal Justice Reform from national to local levels.


Calling on all network members, scholars, practitioners, those impacted by our system, and clergy, to join us in a forum where your voice will be heard and you will hear from others in a conference grounded in prayer, our common devotion to the Gospel, and the teachings of the Church.

Join us for our Inaugural Invitational Conference April 28-29, 2022 at Georgetown Law School.