The Catholic Criminal Justice Reform Network

The Catholic Criminal Justice Reform Network (CCJRN) is a Lumen Christi initiative that connects legal scholars, attorneys, judges, clergy, law enforcement, and others who are committed to seeing reform in the American criminal justice system that is inspired by Catholic thought.

Motivated in particular by the principles of Catholic social teaching, the CCJRN hosts regular events and gatherings of its members for the purpose of collaboration, dialogue, and seeking solutions that transcend the partisan divide and recognize the inviolable dignity of the human person. 

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The Criminal Justice Crisis in America



  • There is not yet a forum for Catholic thinkers to gather for discussion, debate, and collaboration on criminal justice reform from a distinctively Catholic perspective – specifically, a perspective informed by Catholic social teaching and its emphasis on the inviolable dignity of the human person.

  • Discussion and debate on these issues in the wider culture often focus on technocratic solutions or partisan ideology.



  • Act as an incubator where distinctively Catholic thought about criminal justice is developed and from which it will spread into the wider culture.

  • Introduce Catholic thought to American law schools, including Catholic-affiliated schools with insufficient grounding in the Catholic tradition.

  • Develop policy solutions that reflect the Catholic tradition and transcend partisan divisions.